50/50 is dedicated to promoting literacy through a greater access to books.

Reading is for everyone.

We promote literacy by making books accessible through our
donation-based bookstore and literacy programs (launching Spring 2019).


“Books should be a right, not a luxury”

— Tyler Helms, Impact Volunteer

In 2018, over 40,000 books were distributed to schools, community centers, and organizations across the nation.

Our Values

Sustainability - We are committed to saving and reusing books from being landfilled or recycled.

Excellence - Every decision is driven by an effort to display excellence in every aspect of our organization.

Community - We believe that books connect people together and choose to take part in building an enriched and empowered community.

Respect - Every person holds a unique story. We are committed to treating every individual with dignity and respect.

Don’t wait any longer to join us in our mission to promote literacy.
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