our team

Our team is comprised of talented, passionate individuals that bring the mission of 50/50 to life. Each individual is a vital component in keeping the heart beating at 50/50.


d a v i d c h u n g

David's passion for books was a love story in the making. Growing up, he would have been the last person you would see reading. But that all changed when he discovered books that caught his interest rather than assigned to him — it's been smooth sailing ever since. 

A long-time member of the book industry, David's love for books reach beyond the words on its pages. He enjoys thinking of new ways to share his love for books with others (as streamlined and efficiently as possible). 

An avid coffee drinker, David's other passions include music, warehousing logistics, dogs, and having multiple desserts after meals. David hopes to one day open a book-centric theme park with a literary themed food court and a merry go round. 


a n n i e c h u n g

One of Annie’s fondest memories dates back to the early 2000s when her mom would take her to libraries and bookstores every summer. It wasn’t until later on that she would realize that, aside from school, those summers were the only times she had access to books.

Fast forward to February 2018 where this childhood experience would play a vital role in the development of 50/50 Bookstore’s pay-what-you-can model where all who want a book, can have a book—because reading is for everyone.

Annie loves slow mornings and makes an effort to reserve her mornings for at least one thing she loves to do, which includes coffee-shop-hopping (a caffeinated version of bar-hopping), reading, journaling, and honing her skills as a musician.


n o v a

bark bark, bark bark bark bark!